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Windwave's Internet service provides fast, reliable Internet access at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of flexible services to customize a solution for your business needs. Bandwidth ranges from 25 Mbps to 10Gbps symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Windwave's backbone ensures fast, reliable service and is backed by a service level agreement guaranteeing uptime, latency, and packet delivery. Our network has diverse routing with geographically distributed peering to other backbone providers, in order to provide the fewest network hops possible. Windwave consistently monitors its networks to prevent congestion. If traffic approaches peak utilization, we build in more capacity, to deliver a best-in-class service.

  • High capacity IP network with terabit-capable routing provides speed, capacity and flexibility.
  • Windwave's high capacity IP network has the highest levels of performance and reliability.
  • Windwave provides peering infrastructure to the Internet with our peering relationships.
  • Windwave provides direct paths to other major Network Service Providers so that your Internet traffic travels shorter distances and at peek speeds.