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Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

Green & Blue Fiber Optics

Dark Fiber is a secure and cost-effective private platform enabling businesses to maintain complete control of their network and the ability to have virtually-unlimited dedicated bandwidth. Dark Fiber provides you with the capacity for cost-effective scaling, high-bandwidth applications, uninterrupted connectivity, and private, secure networking for critical data.

Benefits of Dark Fiber


Tap into virtually unlimited bandwidth – at a fixed cost. Dark Fiber is an optimal solution to improve the reliability and redundancy of your network.


Get dedicated bandwidth, without relinquishing control. Dark Fiber allows you to retain ownership of the design, capacity, equipment and protocols of your own private, physically-secure network.


Choose the right option for your business, and capture the gains. Windwave offers several dark fiber options that allow you to deploy new network solutions quickly and affordably — leveraging our existing fiber assets to reduce construction costs and network turn-up time.

Enhanced Security

The security of a fully dedicated network infrastructure while retaining full control of your network.


Increased efficiency and capacity as your business grows.

Cost Effective

Solution for companies requiring their own network with a strong ROI for companies that use substantial bandwidth.